Educational Projects


Builders Without Builders is coming back to Rwanda in September 2013 to build three more school buildings to accommodate KCS’s growing needs.  They do amazing work and have exclusively supplied all of KCS’s current buildings.  However, we must prepare and construct the concrete slab on which they will put the school buildings. 

Cost:  $20,000 per slab.

Total:  $60,000 for three slabs.

KCS is blessed to have a great computer lab for all of our students to use.  However, due to the increased number of students in our secondary and primary sections, we need to have two separate computer labs for primary and secondary sections.  


Cost:  $5,000 USD for a 30 computer lab.

KCS needs to construct two more science laboratories for its secondary section in order of us to offer the secondary programs that are most desired.

Cost:  $10,000 per lab

Total:  $20,000 for two labs

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