Kigali Christian School

A Youth for Christ-Rwanda School


KCS is a private Christian school owned and operated by Youth for Christ-Rwanda in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.  It’s doors first opened in January 2006. 

What is the student enrollment, and what are the plans for growth?

KCS currently has 744 students in Pre-school, Primary, and Secondary.  We currently offer courses through Grade 10 (S4.)  By 2015, KCS will have offer pre-school through Grade 12 (S6), and an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students. 

What makes education at KCS unique?

Class sizes at KCS range from 25 to 35 students, in distinct contrast to the 50 to 90 students found per classroom in neighboring public schools.  The staff to student ratio at KCS is approximately 1 to 15, unlike the public school ratio that is more like 1 to 60.  The student body is one of the most diverse in Rwanda as KCS students come from all social and economic backgrounds. 

Do the students’ parents pay tuition?

About 60% of the student body pays tuition to attend KCS.  The remaining 30% cannot afford the minimal school fees, and are thus in the student sponsorship program. 

Can I get involved? 
Yes, please click here to find out how. 

What is KCS?

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